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Serving Seniors, Inc. is looking for community volunteers of all ages for: Operation Reach Out

With the safety of Nursing Home and Personal Care Home residents being a priority, stringent protocols continue to be in place, to try and protect the residents from exposure to COVID-19. These include; visitation restrictions, suspensions of communal dining and group activities and adhering to social distancing practices.

With that said, we continue to be concerned about our long term care residents psycho-social well being. Can you think of a better way to keep up the residents’ spirits then to have them receive an uplifting letter, card and/or child’s drawing! Serving Seniors Inc’s “Operation Reach Out” program continues.

We are still looking for community volunteers of all ages to support this project! As a community we do have to remain mindful of keeping our long term living residents safe and lessening the risks of exposure to COVID 19.

Letters can be written in a word document and forwarded by email to

For Handwritten letters, cards and or children’s drawings Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 570-344-3931 ext.4. Or email at

Please do not mail cards directly to facilities. Handwritten cards, photos and/or drawings should be sent to us as we will be taking steps to quarantine the items we get before we hand deliver in a sealed envelope to the facilities.

For more information contact Bernadette at 570-344-3931 ext 4 or email at