PDQ Print Open for Business

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As a critical supplier to local hospitals, pharmacies, and other essential businesses, PDQ remains open for business.

If you have any Coronavirus-related printing needs, like signs for your workplace, information sheets, etc., we will expedite those projects.

As we stated yesterday, we expect no changes to our regular operations and turnaround times.

Our Coronavirus preparations have focused on the following areas: 

1. Staffing: For several years, it has been an emphasis of PDQ to have a workforce that is cross-trained in each department to allow our company to work and maintain efficient production when employees need to be out for a variety of circumstances, such as sickness, bereavement, birth of a child, or vacation. We believe this training and the redundancy that we already have in place will serve us well during this period of uncertainty.

2. Working Remotely: Some of our departments already have established work-from-home routines. We are looking at other departments to see where it would make sense to proactively set up the capacity for remote operations in the event of an infection in our area.

3. Interfacing with Strategic Vendors: We are in contact with our key suppliers to ensure that they are also putting plans in place to guarantee the delivery of needed materials and services that are critical to our production.

4. Increased Cleaning: We have increased our regularly scheduled cleaning to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected and all items leaving our facility are clean.

5. Scalability and Resources: As a member of the Premiere Printers Network (PPN), PDQ has access to additional, nationwide resources that allows us to scale our business and provide added production capabilities if needed due to any workforce shortages or other circumstances.

We appreciate your business and the trust that you have placed in PDQ. We recognize the responsibility we have to meet the needs of our customers and will work to do just that with every resource at our disposal. Thank you for your business.