Marywood University to Host Dominican Author and Playwright During Weekly In-Person Enrichment Course

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Marywood University’s Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Literatures course will have a special visitor during its face-to-face enrichment meeting. On Thursday, October 22, 2020, from 2:30 – 4 p.m., Josefina Báez will virtually visit the class of Joshua Deckman, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Foreign Languages Program. Ms. Báez will be presenting her latest work, a self-described “fotonovelarte” titled, Carmen. Báez will be accompanied by members of her creative team, including the main artist and photographer with whom she collaborated to produce the text.

Josefina Báez (La Romana, Dominican Republic/USA) is a bestselling Dominican storyteller, performer, writer, theatre director, and educator. She is the founder and director of Ay Ombe Theatre (April 1986), and crafter of Performance Autology©, an artistic and creative process based on the autobiography of the doer. She works across various media and examines multiple issues such as migration, absence, presence, cultural change, race and women’s lives. She is most known for her texts Dominicanish and Levente No: Yolayorkdominicanyork.

During this special lecture during the Spanish program’s enrichment session, Marywood students will discuss the creation of mixed media texts, graphic novels in the Caribbean, as well as the author’s thoughts on joy, Blackness, and the power of creation to bring about change.

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