Keystone Mission: Spreading Help and Hope

Keystone Mission is committed to keeping our doors open during this time of crisis in Northeast PA. Our facility in Scranton (also Wilkes-Barre) have several measures in place to assist those who are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We know several businesses across Scranton are impacted by the decision from Governor Wolf to close. Our doors are open to those individuals who are struggling financially to supply for themselves or family. Would the Chamber be willing to highlight our Emergency Food Assistance program? The program is not only available to the homeless and low-income families, but those who truly have been affected by the Coronavirus and emergency measures implemented by the state.

Emergency Food Assistance

Keystone Mission initiated the Emergency Food Assistance program this past Monday. The Mission will have emergency food bags available, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. for seniors unable to get to a store, for those who lost their job, unable to work, or who just have a need and unable to provide for themselves or their families.