Johnson College Announces Youth Summer Camps

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This summer, Johnson College welcomes students entering 7th grade and up to spend time on campus for our summer camp offerings. Summer Camp is an opportunity for your student to spend time on our campus, and learn something new while having fun! Multiple camp sessions will take place in the time between June 24th and August 8th, 2019. Camps will run between the times of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Please see individual camp information for more details.

Summer Camps are offered through the Continuing Education Department. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have by calling 570-702-8979 or email Register at

2019 Camp Sessions:

Electronics STEM

July 8th – 12th

8 AM – 12 PM

  • Learn the purpose, process, and techniques of soldering
  • Build a soldering board
  • Design circuits
  • Design and build around CPE
  • Learn computer languages used in Electronics Design and Coding
  • $150

Exploring Experiments

July 15th – 19th

8 AM – 12 PM

  • Earth Science experiments
  • Balloon Experiments
  • Build a boat and a catapult out of recycled materials
  • Turn milk into plastic
  • Volcano Day
  • $99

3-D Printing

June 24th – 26th

8 AM – 12 PM

  • Learn the process of 3-D printing and see how the printers work and watch them in action
  • Design and create your very own 3-D printed creation
  • 3-D printed creation races
  • $120


July 8th – 12th

9 AM – 12 PM

  • Learn codes and their commands
  • Order movement commands as sequential steps in a program
  • Modify an existing program to solve errors
  • Break down a long sequence of instructions into the largest repeatable sequence
  • $99

Kitchen Chemistry

July 8th – 12th

8 AM – 12 PM

  • Make Rock Candy
  • Make Slime
  • Learn about science experiments using everyday household items
  • Learn about chemical reactions
  • Make chocolate chip cookies
  • $110

Introduction to Veterinary Surgery

August 6th – 8th

8 AM – 12 PM

  • Overview of common surgical procedures
  • Learn about veterinary hospital set up
  • Learn about veterinary surgical techniques
  • Make your own suture board
  • Practice suture patterns
  • $120


July 16th – 18th

9 AM – 1 PM

  • Design and build small wood projects
  • Practice staining and using polyurethane
  • Wood working projects
  • Learn about wood species
  • Learn about conservation
  • $99

Forensic Science

July 12th – 14th

1 PM – 5 PM

  • Learn about how crimes are solved through forensic science
  • Digital Forensics activities
  • Crime Scene Investigation activities
  • Forensic Chemistry Lab activities
  • $150

Solar Power

July 1st – 3rd

9 AM – 12 PM

  • Learn about solar cells
  • Learn how to convert cell voltage
  • Learn about lithium ion batteries, and the concept of lithium charging
  • Assemble battery pack
  • Assemble solar module
  • Circuit test
  • $99