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In these unprecedented times, I want to assure you that Independent Graphics is following all workplace guidelines from the CDC for the safety of our employees and customers.

We are fully operational and plan to remain so as long as legally allowed to do so.

We recognize that many of you, our clients and business partners, have important communications needs, and we promise to continue to work diligently to meet those needs.

We are uniquely qualified to manage a crisis having operated through good times and bad for the past 40 years. We have established a network of production business partners with whom we work in the event of travel restrictions or pockets of disruption caused by the virus. Our contingency plan also calls for key personnel to work from home if needed.

We are here and ready to help, so please contact us at 570-446-7682 or  570-357-8499 with questions or concerns. We appreciate your business and are confident that we will all get through this difficult period as a nation and be even stronger in the future.