Erin Gargan King – Empower Conference Keynote Speaker

Chamber News

Erin Gargan King is the Amazon-bestselling author of Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace, an international keynote speaker, and a three-time entrepreneur. Ms. King has been hired by The Academy Awards, The United States Navy, ABC/Disney, Nelson Mandela’s Legacy of Hope, VISA, Hilton Worldwide, Johnson and Johnson, Merck and more to help elevate their digital communication style and increase influence. She founded Socialite Agency, the world’s only social media firm specializing in live events. Socialite has helped Fortune 100 brands catapult their social media success via award-winning digital campaigns.

Ms. King started her first venture, Jump Digital Media, at the age of 25 and cut her teeth building websites for brands like Whole Foods and Black and Decker. Her second venture,, was a Dollar Shave Club-type subscription model for women’s monthly healthcare supplies. launched the internet’s largest social media community around the subject of menstruation, with millions of women weighing in on this formerly taboo topic. Learn more about Erin.