Dunmore Winery Wins Medals in International Mead Competition

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Space Time Mead & Cider Works has again been recognized for professional wine making skills. At the 2019 Mazer Cup International Mead Competition, held in Broomfield Colorado, Space Time Mead & Cidery Work’s “Blueberry Moon” received a silver medal in the Semi Sweet Dessert Mead category, and a silver medal in Dry Varietal honey category for “Andromeada.”

The Mazer Cup International is the premier mead-only competition. “I could not be more pleased than to have placed in what is consider the ‘Olympics of Mead’,.” said President and wine maker Dan Schreffler. “We are pleased with the recognition of the quality of our mead among our world class peers. These medals are really special for us.”

The winery, which only opened last summer, has achieved several nationally recognized awards for commercial mead making, including the American Wine Society’s 2018 Best Commercial Mead. The medaling meads were made with locally sourced ingredients; Blueberry Moon with blueberries from Blue Thumb Blueberry Farm in Lake Ariel, and brandy made by Lang Beverage Company, a local distillery in Nanticoke.

For those unfamiliar with mead, it is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Sometimes referred to as “honey wine,” it was the drink of both kings and poets, Vikings and ancient Greeks. And up until the 19th century, was made at home, as beer was, until replaced by cheaper and mass-produced alcoholic beverages. “Mead is just as versatile as wine, and as inventive as craft beer,” says Dan. “I’m proud of creating some world class beverages right here in Dunmore.”
Space Time’s tasting room and winery is located at 419 South Blakely Street, with hours of Thursday & Friday 1-8 p.m., Saturday/Sunday 1-5 p.m. For up to date hours and events, visit on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/SpaceTimeMeadCiderWorks or on the web, http://www.spacetimemeadworks.com