Delta Medix


In an effort to manage the current Coronavirus Pandemic, Delta Medix has formed a Task Force comprised of Drs. Terrence Lenahan, Daniel Brown and Bassel Noumi. Drs. Lenahan, Brown and Noumi are Pulmonary/Critical Care Specialists and as such are on the front line of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

They are recommending the following protocols be followed at Delta Medix.

Phase I (current situation):

Delta Medix will keep our current office schedule. Prior to coming to the office patients will be contacted and asked the following questions:

  • Do you have a temperature of 100.4 or greater?
  • Do you have a new cough or stuffy nose?
  • Are either of these accompanied by shortness of breath?

If anyone answers yes to any of these questions they will be told to “stay sheltered in their home and do not come to the office. You will be contacted by their physician”. The patient will have a Telehealth visit instead of an in-person office visit.

A second level of screening has been put in place. Upon entering the office patients and anyone accompanying them will be screened by Medical Triage staff.

The triage person will take each person’s temperature. Patients will be asked whether you have a new cough or stuffy nose and if either of these accompanied by shortness of breath?

If you answer yes, your physician will be contacted immediately for further instruction. The person triaging and asking the questions will be wearing a gown, a mask and gloves. Hand sanitizer will be present at each triage station.

The well-being and safety of our patients is paramount to us. Please continue to follow the CDC guidelines and wash your hands frequently, maintain a safe distance from others, and shelter in place if you experience symptoms such as fever or cough. If you experience shortness of breath please seek medical care. Please call your Primary Care Provider for instruction.

Delta Medix understands many of our patients have serious chronic conditions which cannot be ignored during the Coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, we have instituted a Telehealth Program. If you would like to schedule a Telehealth visit with a Delta Medix Provider please call our office at (570) 342-7864. Please be aware we are experiencing a very high call volume. If you do not get a live operator please leave a message and we will return your call.

Please stay safe and stay healthy.