Crystal Windows Marks 30 Years of Growth

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Crystal President Steve Chen displays certificates of recognition from New York State Governor Cuomo and New York City Mayor DeBlasio

On May 15, national manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems reached a milestone, marking its 30th Anniversary since opening in 1990.  Founded by Thomas Chen, who immigrated to America from Taiwan, the company has grown steadily to become one of the largest window manufacturers in the nation.  It now employs over 725 workers and expanded from its original small commercial space in Queens, New York City, to five major production facilities across the country.  With factories in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Illinois, Crystal’s manufacturing footprint totals almost one million square feet.

In recognition of the company’s growth and its vital contribution to the regional economy, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio have presented official certificates to Crystal to mark the 30th Anniversary.

“Crystal is truly a story of perseverance, hard work, and most of all, vision,” said Steve Chen, President of Crystal Windows and son of the company’s founder.  “We saw opportunities to serve the construction market with quality window products, and Crystal has certainly fulfilled that vision and beyond.”  Crystal now has over 25 product lines of aluminum and vinyl windows and doors, from basic models offering good value to high-end window wall systems and custom architectural fenestration.

Crystal held a major 30th Anniversary corporate celebration in January of this year, with nearly 1,000 employees, their families, and other guests in attendance.  Additional events are planned for later this year when conditions permit.