All NET Visa Cardholders Can Now Access FICO® Scores for Free

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Scranton, PA October 24th– All NET Credit Union credit cardholders can now access their FICO® Scores for free. NET Credit Union as part of the, FICO® Scores Open Access program, provides this valuable benefit to all cardholders.

NET Credit Union card holders can now access their FICO Score at their convenience thanks to the beneficial, FICO® Scores Open Access program. FICO® Scores are used in 90% of lending decisions, including by NET Credit Union. Members can simply check their score by logging onto eZCard at  eZCard allows the cardholder to not only check their FICO® Score but also check their statements and make payments.

“Being able to check their FICO Score on their statements will benefit our members tremendously,” expresses NET Credit Union Plastics Specialist, Sara Young. “Our members can learn about their credit details that impact their financial lives. Seeing their score updated quarterly helps the member to understand what happens to their score if they miss a payment or see how much their score changed if they pay off the full balance,” states Sara. NET Credit Union offers four different low-interest credit card types. To apply for a NET Credit Union Visa, members can visit

NET Credit Union strives by helping our members grow financially. The FICO® Scores Open Access program allows our cardholders access to their FICO® Scores via their credit card statement is just another perk of being a NET member.



A Credit Union is a place to do your banking – we do loans, have checking and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and other banking items.  We are a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution, and operate like a bank except we don’t issue stock on Wall St. Since we don’t have to pay stockholders, we can use our income to provide lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, and do other things like reinvest in our community, give to charities, and keep our fees low for services. At NET Credit Union, we don’t have customers, we have members. Members have voting rights as to how the credit union operates. Our board of directors are volunteers – they don’t’ get paid to sit on the board. When you bank with NET, your money stays right here, local. There’s so much more you get when you bank on NET.

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