Susan Unvarsky Talks Financial Wellness at Farewell Women’s Network Luncheon

Susan Unvarsky of Prudential was the keynote speaker at the Chamber’s recent Women’s Network Luncheon at the Hilton Scranton and Conference Center.

Ms. Unvarsky’s presentation was the final one in the 20-year Women’s Network Luncheon series, which the Chamber will rebrand later this year to coincide with additional women’s programming, including the NEPA Women’s Leadership Conference, which will be held this April.

Ms. Unvarsky’s presentation, “Financial Wellness: A Gender Perspective,” centered on women and wealth and how women could take charge of their financial futures.

“Women control and influence upwards of $40 trillion, or 30%, of the world’s total wealth,” she said. “In the United States, women exercise decision making power over $11.2 trillion.”

Ms. Unvarsky also offered a variety of tips to help women with their financial planning, including:

  • Set goals to motivate yourself to save;
  • Get comfortable talking to your spouse or partner about money;
  • Secure help or advice from a trusted expert if you’re not comfortable making financial decisions;
  • Put financial planning on par with vacation planning at least twice a year;
  • Try to live below your means;
  • Teach your children the value of money and how to save at a young age; and
  • Take care of your own financial well-being as much as your children’s.

Ms. Unvarsky will also be the welcome speaker at the third-annual NEPA Women’s Leadership Conference on Thursday, April 20, at Mohegan Sun Pocono. Prudential will also host the Chamber’s next Meet Up for Lunch, registration for that event is available by clicking here.