Incubator Client Recognized by FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently accepted new members into its Infragard program. One of these is Dennis Cheng, founder of twobytwo Solutions, which has been a member of the Chamber’s business incubator program for nearly three years.

Infragard is a public-private partnership between the FBI and American businesses. It is dedicated to providing the tools and capabilities needed by those who own and operate the nation’s critical infrastructure to secure their companies and maintain the services needed for a safe nation.

“Infragard members receive access to intelligence, assessments, and other reports from various agencies and security contractors,” Cheng said. “There is a mechanism to report cybercrime directly to the FBI and access to an FBI malware analysis system.”

Cheng’s business will now have the opportunity to investigate and collaborate with an entirely new array of resources. Each Infragard Members Alliance (IMA) is geographically linked with one of the FBI’s field offices, providing all members with immediate access to the organization and their experts.

The limited acceptance and high qualifications, such as a background review and verification of industry credentials, needed in order to be included into this program put the members at the top of the field.

“Ubiquitous cybercrime is an unfortunate reality of the times,” Cheng said. “Many of our clients and cases involve theft or trade secrets, intrusions, and ransomware. We advise businesses in our area of critical infrastructure. So, this program was a natural fit with our activities.”

Through this partnership, Cheng and the FBI are able to share sensitive data, without the fear that the information will become public or leaked to other parties.

“Membership will bring new resources to bear in our work,” Cheng added. “We can now communicate and investigate new threats before they are generally public. Should the need arise, we have a direct channel of collaboration with the FBI and other agencies and subject area experts.”

For more information on the Chamber’s incubator program, contact Aaron Whitney at (570) 342-7711.