Small Business Spotlight: LUX Personal Training

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LUX Personal Training
Clarks Summit, PA
(570) 586-3260
Member since 2016


When it comes to physical health, sometimes you just need a little help to reach optimum levels—that’s where LUX Personal Training comes in. Owner Jose Briceno has built his business’s platform entirely on helping clients change their lifestyles for the better. With private, semi-private and small group training options, LUX Personal Training strives to meet all client needs.

Can you explain what personal training is for someone who might not be familiar with it?

A personal trainer is a professional who coaches clients on how to improve their lifestyles, prevent injuries and become healthier. The staff at LUX Personal Training makes sure our clients obtain results through setting goals and providing motivation and accountability. Our trainers develop a workable plan of action that integrates proper movement, functional strength and lifestyle changes.

What kind of services do you provide for your clients?

We offer complete programs involving injury prevention, fitness and lifestyle modifications. When our clients begin, they all go through a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), which is a method for assessing the client’s quality of movement while identifying limitations and muscle imbalances. We use the FMS to track progress and identify the exercises that will be the most effective to restore proper movement, prevent injury and build strength.

What kind of lifestyle programs do you offer?

Our lifestyle programs are offered through our Balanced Habits license. Balanced Habits provides research-driven personalized plans for every type of individual, whether they want to lose weight, gain muscle or improve performance. We are certified by Balanced Habits to impart their two main programs: Balanced Habits Kick Start, which is a 28-day lifestyle plan; and Balanced Habits Life, a six-month program that provides the client with the tools and knowledge to never go on a diet again.

What are some tips you give to someone who is just embarking on his or her own personal health journey?

You have to know what you want—you need a destination before you start, so setting goals is the most important part of your health journey. While laying down your plan, choose activities you enjoy doing. Once you have a plan, share your plan with someone who is supportive and who will call you out if you ever deviate from it. Finally, remember to pick yourself back up—even if you have the best plan, things can still go wrong. Forgive yourself and start again. Creating a lifestyle might take more than a few attempts.

What sets LUX Personal Training apart from other similar businesses?

Unlike other commercial gyms or fitness studios, we care about the client’s experience and results. We are more than just an exercise outlet—our  trainers coach our clients into fixing the real lifestyle issues behind their problems.

How do you envision The Chamber helping your business?

The Chamber can help us get more exposure and create new connections with other businesses in the area. The Chamber’s services can assist us in sharing knowledge with other similar companies so there is an increased awareness of fitness and well-being in this area.