Suggest a Member on Social!


Fifty-eight percent of Americans are members of Facebook, the social media giant that put a human face on computer-based interaction. Facebook recently unveiled its Recommendations feature, which is a great way to bring business to Chamber members!

Capitalizing on the fact that people use their Facebook accounts to connect and share experiences with each other, the company decided to introduce the Recommendations feature as a way to help make suggesting where to go and what to do easier for all users.

When a Facebook user writes a post looking for advice on local places or services, he or she has the option to turn on Recommendations for that post. By turning it on, that person’s Facebook friends can comment on his or her post with suggestions that are then mapped out and saved in one place.  Users can then go on their desktop to their Recommendations bookmark ( to ask a new question or to suggest a business to their friends.

We at the Chamber know that our region has a wide variety of services to offer and we urge our member Facebook users to suggest other members when using Recommendations. All you need to do is visit and click on “Member Directory” under the “Members” tab to be connected with more than 1,500 Chamber members in a variety of fields. When you enter the member’s name when responding to a Facebook friend’s post asking for a business suggestion, the member business’s fan page will appear in your comments. It’s a simple, easy way for members to help other members!

Learn more about Facebook recommendations and watch a quick video tutorial by clicking here.