New Faces at Simrell Media

Anna Layaou

Simrell Media in Scranton, Pennsylvania is proud to announce the latest addition to our marketing and advertising team.  Anna Layaou has been appointed Director of Digital Content, Anna’s duties include coordination of digital campaigns for our clients, creation and implementation of digital video and static content, graphic design and support.  Anna is gifted at copywriting, concept development and client relations and brings a high level of competency, experience and energy to our agency. She graduated from the University of Scranton with a BS in marketing and sits on the board of the American Advertising Federation of NEPA.  In her free time, Anna enjoys running, cooking, and trying new restaurants with her friends & family.

Bailey Simrell

After 20 years as a sole proprietor, Dan Simrell has announced that his son, Bailey Simrell, has become a managing partner in the Scranton-based marketing, design, development and production agency.  Bailey brings a wealth of expertise in digital marketing, website design and software development to the agency.  Bailey is also our Director of Digital Marketing, handling the strategy and implementation of effective online advertising campaigns for our clients.  His responsibilities include data mining, paid campaign management, client relations, website development, and user interface design.  He is proficient in multiple front-end web frameworks and has worked with brands including Amazon Web Services, Makerpad,… and others.  Bailey lives in Scranton and in his free time he enjoys playing the piano, going for long walks, and spending time with friends & family.