Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Class of 2018-2019 Announced

From left, front row: Emma Dwyer, Kylie J. Loughney, Najuk A. Patel, Simal Sami, Nina S. Sampogne, Danyelle Tech, Rachel Saxton, Caitlin Pagnotti, Fione Evans, Abbie O’Brien and Meredith Santiago. Middle row: Makenna Thorpe, Mikenna Lee, Caroline Cadden,Melony A. Mitchell, Mariana Leo, Taylor M. Seprosky, Alyssa Iovacchini, Jenna Patel, Abigail J. Dalton, Angelina Bellucci and Sydney R. Peet. Back row: Collin Kneiss, Ryan W. Turlip, Nicholas Tomassoni, Brendan Fitzsimmons, Colin Gilmartin, Dylan Howanitz, Daniel E. Cummins Jr., Jakob R. Quanbeck, Isaac Vierling, Leslie O’Connor, Lydia R. McConlogue, and Abygale Bergamino.


Leadership Lackawanna’s youth program, Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT), recently met for its first session, which included an orientation, leadership basics and a variety of STEAM related activities. This session was sponsored by Penn State Scranton; however, the entire program is made possible by the support of NBT Bank, the official TLT 2018-2019 Corporate Program sponsor.

Leadership Lackawanna’s seven-month Tomorrow’s Leaders Today program develops the leadership, interpersonal and managerial skills of high school juniors while giving them an enhanced understanding of northeastern Pennsylvania as well as the opportunity to explore teamwork. Participants learn collaborative decision making, explore different communication styles and engage in problem solving techniques. The challenges and opportunities of northeastern Pennsylvania are discussed as participants meet community leaders and other high school students.

The 2018-2019 Tomorrow’s Leaders Today participants include:

Angelina Bellucci, Dunmore High School

Abygale Bergamino, Old Forge High School

Caroline Cadden, Holy Cross High School

Daniel E. Cummins Jr., Abington Heights High School

Abigail J. Dalton, Lackawanna Trail Jr./Sr. High School

Emma Dwyer, Western Wayne High School

Fione Evans, Scranton High School

Brendan Fitzsimmons, Western Wayne High School

Colin Gilmartin, North Pocono High School

Dylan Howanitz, Valley View High School

Alyssa Iovacchini, Western Wayne High School

Collin Kneiss, Riverside Jr./Sr. High School

Mikenna Lee, Lackawanna Trail Jr./Sr. High School

Mariana Leo, Dunmore High School

Kylie J. Loughney, Abington Heights High School

Lydia R. McConlogue, Scranton High School

Melony A. Mitchell, Western Wayne High School

Abbie O’Brien, West Scranton High School

Leslie O’Connor, Holy Cross High School

Caitlin Pagnotti, West Scranton High School

Jenna Patel, Abington Heights High School

Najuk A. Patel, Dunmore High School

Sydney R. Peet, Western Wayne High School

Jakob R. Quanbeck, Abington Heights High School

Simal Sami, Valley View High School

Nina S. Sampogne, Abington Heights High School

Meredith Santiago, Scranton High School

Rachel Saxton, Lackawanna Trail Jr./Sr. High School

Taylor M. Seprosky, Valley View High School

Danyelle Tech, Dunmore High School

Makenna Thorpe, Abington Heights High School

Nicholas Tomassoni, Valley View High School

Ryan W. Turlip, Valley View High School

Isaac Vierling, Lackawanna Trail Jr./Sr. High School

Leadership Lackawanna’s Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Program accepts applications from sophomores who attend high school in Lackawanna County or in the Lackawanna Trail and Western Wayne school districts. Tomorrow’s Leaders Today began in 1997 under Skills in Scranton, an affiliate of The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce, and merged with Leadership Lackawanna in 2011.