Marywood University’s Class of 2019 Is Nearly 100% Employed or Pursuing Advanced Degrees

Marywood University’s Class of 2019 is nearly 100 percent employed or in pursuit of advanced degrees. Of the 99.7 percent of graduates who are pursuing graduate school or are employed, 92.2 percent of those employed have jobs related to their major. Marywood’s Class of 2019 includes 52.1 percent who are continuing their academic careers in graduate school, with 88.3 percent of those advanced degree seekers choosing to continue their graduate studies at their alma mater, Marywood University.

Marywood offers more than thirty graduate degree programs and ten five-year bachelor’s to master’s degrees. The values-based, practical, flexible, and personalized education at Marywood University is taught by experienced, inspiring, and supportive faculty. The campus features top-quality facilities that are enhanced by resources for research, and, additionally, Marywood’s long-standing faculty and alumni offer vital networks for career opportunities.

Christina Brundage, Ph.D., career engagement specialist of the Career Development Center said, “These numbers truly reflect not only the success of our students but also show that Marywood Pacers are in demand. This is a result of all of the services and efforts put forth by a dedicated coalition of supporters throughout Marywood’s campus, including the Career Development Center, the faculty, and staff, but, most importantly, the students who worked hard to achieve their career aspirations. I am proud to have been a part of helping the class of 2019 attain their professional goals and look forward to celebrating the success of the class of 2020 and beyond.”

Marywood University’s Career Development Center supports both enrollment services and student success, as well as the University’s academic mission of educating men and women of all ages in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs. The Career Development Center collaborates with academic departments to foster the self-development of students through career planning, as well as assisting students and alumni in decision making, the transition to the work world, and the pursuit of further education. Services are reviewed and evaluated to identify student needs in an evolving society and to meet those needs creatively through on-going program research and planning.

For additional information about Marywood University, please visit, or call the Office of Admissions, at (570) 348-6234. For additional information about the Career Development Center, please visit, or call (570) 348-6247. 

The Wright Center Partners with UCLA for Local Alzheimer’s and Dementia Clinic

The Wright Center for Community Health’s new Alzheimer’s and Dementia Clinic is one of only eight health systems across the country selected as an adopter of the innovative Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program created at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

UCLA’s award-winning Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program is designed to help patients and their families with the complex medical, behavioral and social needs of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia.  Advanced Practice Providers (nurse practitioners or physician assistants) and Dementia Care Specialists are at the heart of the program, and work with the patient’s primary care doctor/specialist to create and implement a personalized care plan.

By adopting the UCLA program, The Wright Center’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia Clinic now offers dementia patients an individually tailored care plan that builds in medical needs, solutions for caregiver stress and cultural traditions unique to each person and their family.

“This new program will help vulnerable older people who tend to get overlooked. So many elders don’t get the attention and care that they need – and deserve – for chronic conditions. Seniors face unique healthcare challenges, including social isolation and lack of support services, that must be addressed to preserve their ability to age in place with dignity. For cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias, early detection and diagnosis enables access to symptomatic treatments, more time for critical care planning, better disease management and an opportunity for diagnosed individuals to have a voice in their future care,” explained Susan Scanland, CRNP, who brings nearly 40 years of experience with dementia and geriatrics to the Wright Center’s care team.

The Wright Center’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia Clinic offers 90-minute consultations with a dementia care manager who assesses, evaluates and provides a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s needs; a personalized care plan developed for the patient’s primary care provider; and follow-up care in the patient’s home or at Wright Center clinics. Support is also provided to family members and caregivers in the form of a designated care coordinator who organizes all treatments and in-home services, as well as access to advice and assistance available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which may reduce the need for emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Clinic operates out of The Wright Center’s Mid Valley Practice, 5 S. Washington Ave., Jermyn; its Scranton Practice, 501 S. Washington Ave.; and its Clarks Summit Practice, 1145 Northern Blvd., South Abington Twp. Appointments are now being scheduled by calling 570-941-0630.

The new Alzheimer’s and Dementia unit is just one component of The Wright Center’s new Geriatric program, already recognized by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as an Age-Friendly Health System Partner for providing a full spectrum of comprehensive, safety-net primary health and support services for seniors, and for serving as a trusted primary health advisor for seniors and their families to support independent living. The unprecedented growth rate of Pennsylvania’s aging population – compounded by a shortage of doctors and care teams who specialize in the physical, mental and behavioral health challenges specific to seniors – compelled The Wright Center to create a new geriatrics program, which also includes a new geriatrics fellowship program directed by Edward Dzielak, D.O. An alum of The Wright Center’s original residency program and a faculty-physician, Dr. Dzielak leads efforts to develop age-friendly practices as standard operating procedure for The Wright Center’s older adult patients.

PennDOT Announces Annual Highway Safety Survey

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is seeking motorists’ input on traffic safety and driving behaviors through its annual online Highway Safety Survey found at

“Safety is our top priority and we value continued public engagement in making our roadways safer,” said PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian. “The results from this annual survey help us gauge participants’ attitudes on highway safety, and potentially allow us to adjust our safety activities so we can further reduce crashes and fatalities.”

The survey is available on PennDOT’s website through August 17 and should take about five minutes to complete. All responses, including the “comments” fields, are anonymous.

More than 10,000 people responded to last year’s survey. Notably, nearly 91 percent of respondents said they always wear a seat belt and 89 percent said they never drive while impaired. When asked which behaviors distracted them while driving in the last month, only 14 percent of respondents indicated “Using a hand-held cell phone” was a distraction. Thirty-eight percent of those surveyed indicated “Adjusting the radio or climate controls” was a distraction, while 37 percent indicated they were distracted by an object outside of the vehicle.

“Driving is a skill that requires 100 percent of your attention 100 percent of the time, and distractions are everywhere, it’s not just your cell phone,” said Gramian. “Don’t drive distracted.”

For more information on our highway safety efforts, visit

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Johnson College to Host First Ever Day of Giving to Support Presidential Scholarship Fund

On Tuesday, August 18, 2020, Johnson College will host its first ever 24-hour Day of Giving fundraising event to benefit the Presidential Scholarship fund. By participating, alumni, employees, family, community friends, neighbors, and everyone within the community have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Johnson College’s hard-working students. To make a donation visit

While campuses around the country closed, and the future of higher education became uncertain, Johnson College and its industry partners kept going. Students worked and learned first-hand just how essential they are to the workforce. From Automotive and Diesel Technicians to HVAC and Physical Therapy Assistants to Computer Information Technology, they kept the economy moving forward in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. They are fixing, building, and healing our communities, especially through this global pandemic.

Johnson College’s industry partners became more essential during the College’s unique spring semester.  While the College’s campus was closed, partners such as Earlbeck Gases & Technology, Don’s Machine Shop, INC., Visbisky Mechanical, Sean Byrne Construction, Inc., Simplex Homes, Equine Therapy Solutions, Polcha Farms, Friends for Life Veterinary Care, Northeastern Rehabilitation Associates, P.C./TLC Physical Therapy, Kenworth of Pennsylvania, and Gibbons Ford rose to the occasion by inviting students into their businesses to continue their hands-on learning and finish their training.

Our students kept all of us going when our lives changed and we had to stay at home. Now it is our turn to give back to them.

To honor Johnson College students, the essential workforce, the College has created its first-ever Day of Giving. All donations made within the 24-hour period will be designated to support the College’s Presidential Scholarship Fund. Donations made to the Johnson College Presidential Scholarship Fund assist students by reducing the financial burden of college. This gives them the opportunity to focus on the real-world, hands-on education they receive at the College.

“The Presidential Scholarship is one of the ways in which we give back to our students. It shows we are just as invested in their education as they are” said Dr. Katie Leonard, Johnson College, president and CEO. “The world now sees what we have always known: that our students, and the degrees they earn, are essential. By investing in our students’ futures through the Presidential Scholarship, we are also making an investment in our community.”

For additional information on Johnson College, please call 1-800-2-WE-WORK, email, or visit