Member Guest Blog: Demanding Attention, Generating Results

by Colin Devroe
Senior Vice President
Condron Media

Attention is the key metric. Impressions, plays, click throughs, time-on-site; these are all important indicators of where people are currently paying the most attention and we study these very carefully.

Our collective attention has shifted with each generation from air waves, to TV, to the Internet and now into the palms of our hands. In our mobile phones dwell our lives; our daily planners, photos from our friends and family through social media, news and politics, the latest celebrity gossip, and commentary about the #BestPicture Oscars mistake.

At Condron Media, we are constantly adjusting our strategies based on that one nagging question: where is your client’s attention right now?

Here are a few takeaways from the last several weeks and months that help mold our opinions and drive strategy.

  • Instagram and Snapchat Stories command the attention of their viewers because they fill the entire screen of the viewer’s phone. Instagram Stories have outgrown daily active users of Snapchat in just 25 weeks.
  • Facebook advertisements are becoming more relevant, valuable, and measurable. Facebook has created a Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) feature that allows companies to measure attention across multiple types of advertising.
  • Facebook video has recently begun sharing revenue with the video’s producer, pitting it directly against YouTube. Facebook videos typically get more impressions than the same video on YouTube. With this new revenue split, and some newly-released video features, video content on Facebook is expected to spike.

Thanks to the success of Serial and automobile manufacturers integrating mobile podcast subscriptions and playback, podcasting has seen very steady growth for several years. More people listen to podcasts on their commute to work or while they are working out than ever before and the numbers continue to climb.

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