Member Guest Blog: What’s the Difference Between Computer Repair Shops and Computer Support Companies?

By Jennifer Kern, Marketing Coordinator
Have you ever seen advertisements for computer repair shops claiming that they can fix any type of problem? Many people might think that a computer repair shop and a computer service company provide the same types of support, but that’s not true.

There are many levels of expertise in the information technology field. The differences in service that a computer repair shop provides compared to a company focused on business IT support are astounding. Below are a few traits and practices that distinguish computer service companies from general computer repair shops.

  • Computer service companies are available 24/7.
  • They also test new products before recommending them to IT staff or to business owners, whether it’s virus protection or a new machine.
  • They understand how to transition information from old technology to new technology.
  • They have strategic thinking skills, technical knowledge, and a dedicated mindset.
  • They can determine if a specific computer repair or replacement will be the best and most cost-effective solution for a company.
  • They know how to run computer forensics, like penetration testing, to test your business’s security.
  • They can implement serious cyber security strategies to protect business data.
  • They regularly participate in training to increase your business’s efficiency and productivity with the smartest technologies.
  • They know how small or large network environments interact and how to troubleshoot them.
  • They are certified with business technology partners like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, HP, and VMware.
  • Using a proactive approach to IT, they can prevent computer issues instead of constantly repairing them.

Since home and business computers are in totally different environments, they require different service. A computer repair shop’s primary goals are to assess the needs of people’s home computers with one or a few PCs. Completing specific repairs and basic program installation is a majority of what computer repair shops do. They are usually unfamiliar with the traits and practices listed above, which are essential for a business operation. Your business needs a computer company that provides proactive computer support for businesses and understands the way you use technology at your workplace.

tech42 has been a member of The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce since 2012.