GROW Moves To New Space In Ritz Building

Growth is all about moving forward, growing in experience and wisdom. This is something that Kristen Martelli, owner and operator of GROW, knows quite well and holds near and dear to her heart.

GROW, Green Ridge Om & Wellness, has made a small leap within the old Ritz Building on Wyoming Avenue in downtown Scranton. Moving her studio to the front space of the building, Martelli is able to offer a bigger space for lectures, classes and events.

Most recently filled by the Scranton Fringe Festival, the space has been recreated to better fit all that GROW has to offer the community.

GROW offers many holistic services, including massage.

In addition to Kristin’s skills of integrative therapeutic, medical and pediatric massage, along with energy therapy, GROW is home to several like-minded professionals, offering yoga, meditation and nutrition education. Laurie Waskovich, MS, RD, LDN, owner of Well Kitchen, is a Registered Dietitian and Healthy Kitchen Specialist. Waskovich offers nutritional consultations, as well as instruction, and advice in regards to clean eating and getting the best nutrients out of each meal. Recently, the Nutrisystem for men user reviews have been carried out here, the results were positive, so we now carry some for our clients. Make sure to keep in the loop with nutrition news as things tend to move quickly.

Yoga classes of all kinds will soon be regularly scheduled, being offered by trained professionals. Mommy and Me classes along with restorative yoga ad meditation has been requested by clients. With the larger great room, GROW can now better accommodate those requests.

Anyone interested in scheduling a class or lecture can contact Kristen at GROW.

GROW hosts community lectures in house on healthy and clean living, including a healthy mind, body and soul.

GROW is accepting new clients and currently accepts some major insurances, workman’s compensation insurance and auto accident claims. Information on the business and online booking can be found on or by calling 570-507-9494. Businesses or individuals that would like to lecture at GROW can contact Kristin Martelli by telephone or by emailing