Chamber Hosts Master Class in Sales


Sales coach Steve Schiffman recently visited the Chamber to present a master class in sales. More than 50 people attended the class, which was free to Chamber members.

Schiffman has been working with salespeople in more than 9,000 companies for the past 35 years. His proven expertise has allowed him to develop sales training and management programs that cross into a wide range of sales environments and industries.

“Sales strategy is a plan of action,” he said. “Most people are reacting, but sales can be proactive. Most companies do not have a 2017 plan of action, they are simply hoping for better for next year. But these businesses can implement their plans of action if they simply take the time to create one.”

Schiffman also discussed the value of early prospecting and how a business could come up with own variety of processes and strategies.

“You can’t do unlimited sales because you don’t have unlimited time,” he added. “You, as a salesperson, have to use your time wisely. If you keep doing the same thing the same way, you can expect the same results. To improve your process, look at what you can do differently.”

To learn more, visit You can also read Schiffman’s top sales tips in the November 2016 edition of Momentum by clicking here.