NYU Journalism Students Visit The Region


Fourteen students from the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute of New York University recently visited the City of Scranton and surrounding areas as a part of a study on the city and citizens’ opinions about government and the upcoming presidential elections.

The Chamber played an active role in this project by granting the students interviews, as well as helping to connect them with members who would be appropriate journalistic sources.

“Getting to visit Scranton was a great experience,” said Paula Lynn Seligson. “Everyone was very welcoming and giving of their time, which I appreciate especially since we are all students.  I learned a lot and enjoyed getting to know a new community.”

“Scranton has a very strong and helpful community,” added Wolfie Wei Zhao. “It was a good experience for me to explore a different city prior to the general election and to understand what that means to the local residents.”

Specifically, Chamber officials were directly quoted in the following articles:

“It was quite interesting experiencing the flood of attention from the NYU students,” said Chamber President Bob Durkin.  “What is more, they handled the assignments like seasoned professionals and clearly have bright journalistic futures.”

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