Member Guest Blog: Your Customer is Searching… Will They Find You?

by Colin Devroe
Senior Vice President
Condron Media

The primary goal of most advertising campaigns is to position a brand or message in front of potential customers — you have to go where the people are. By effectively building brand awareness, your company will be top-of-mind when consumers require your product or services.

Today, more people would rather search Google, YouTube or Facebook than try to recall the companies they know. In this way, search-based advertising, like Google AdWords, has been a boon to businesses seeking to get in front of their customers when their intent is to purchase.

Imagine your company provided healthcare services. Which would be more effective: To show your ad to prospective customers while they’re driving along a highway, or, to show them your ad when they’re searching Google to find a family doctor or dentist?

More and more monthly advertising budgets are going into Google AdWords and Facebook Ads than ever before in our area and with some of the best return on investment ever.

Listed below is just some of the evidence that makes it clear you should consider spending some of your company’s ad budget using search-based advertising:

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