Steve Schiffman Returns for Encore

Steve Schiffman, a national expert in motivational and sales training, returned to the Chamber today for his Master Class in Sales 2.0 which was a more advanced version of a previous seminar he held in November.

Anyone can sell if they have the interest in doing it, according to Mr. Schiffman. This training session’s goal was to help people gain confidence in their abilities which, in turn, will help their final outcome.

“One of the key questions to ask is ‘Can you and I get together?’ because the reality is that every company has discretionary funding to do anything, you just need to ask,” he said. “If you are too afraid to ask, you won’t find out about that funding.”

“When we begin our sales careers, we’re taught to ask for a quick conversation,” he continued. “But the reality is that you don’t need a quick conversation– you need a decent conversation with someone on the phone. You’ll get the results you want as long as you ask the right questions. In sales, you need to stay focused on the bigger goal and become persistent and consistent in what you do every day.”

“This training was excellent,” said Mike McHale of BMC Office Furniture. “It brings back things you might have forgotten. It’s about going back to basics and it was absolutely worth my time.”

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