A Course In Mastery: Steve Schiffman Returns to Chamber

The last time Steve Schiffman presented his Master Class in Sales at The Chamber, participants clamored for more… and he obliged.

Mr. Schiffman, a national expert in motivational and sales training, will return to the Chamber on Monday, April 3, for his Master Class in Sales 2.0 which, as he explained, is a more advanced version of his previous course.

“This class will offer participants a practical guide on how to maintain an accurate pipeline, set appointments and close sales in less time,” he said. “You will get more out of this program in three hours, than you could imagine. After 40 years in the field, I have the answers, the advice and the books that make sales work for anyone who is sincere in their desire to succeed.”

Anyone can sell if they have the interest in doing it, according to Mr. Schiffman. This training session will help people gain confidence in their abilities which, in turn, will help their final outcome.

“In sales, you need to stay focused on the bigger goal and become persistent and consistent in what you do every day,” he said.

Spaces are filling quickly for this event—click here to register!