Member Guest Blog: Snowed In? How to Make the Best of the Blizzard

by Kristin Martelli, LMT, BCTMB, CPMT
Green Ridge Om & Wellness, LLC

Are you snowed in by the Blizzard of 2017? Here are some fun and healthy ideas to keep things lighthearted while we make it through this historic storm!

1. Create a meal plan for next week. Everyone always says there is no time to meal plan– well, Stella just gave us a few extra days to do just that. Put down the shovel for a bit, go online and start getting ideas for meals. For inspiration, you can try Minimalist Baker, Food Hero,  or our very own local nutrition expert, Laurie Waskovich. Then you can start making a grocery list and compare prices to see who is going to give you the best deal this week. Having a plan saves you time and money, and who doesn’t love that?

2. Meditate! There are vast resources online. I personally love Kelly Howell and her Brain Sync audios. Mindfulness meditation practice is another one of my favorites. There is no time like the present to learn a new technique like mindfulness and with all the free tutorials on You Tube, there is nothing holding you back!

3. Take a luxurious bath. Epsom salts… lavender… candles… sounds lovely doesn’t it? As long as your doctor hasn’t told you to not take a bath or you are allergic to lavender, soak it up! If you were out shoveling, or stressed out thinking about shoveling, this is the perfect activity for you! Why not put on those awesome meditation audios you just found and float away. 🙂

4. Catch up with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. Everyone is only a phone call away, and many of us have things like Skype, or other video chat software on our phones or computers. Stella just gave us a few days to finally learn how to do that. Fun!

5. Knock off at least one thing on that elusive to do list. You know, those project ideas that have you keeping things in buckets just shy of getting you on an episode of Hoarders. Pull out that bucket of material, or all that extra scrapbook paper, and make something (this is especially fun if you have children). Get those pictures in frames, hang that shelf you always wanted to make. You get the idea. You will feel so accomplished that you will be wishing for another snow day in no time.

They are just a few ideas of what you can do instead of looking out the window, waiting for the plow.

When it does come, and you start venturing out today to find your car, or shovel for what feels like the 20th time in two days, please be careful and do not over do it. Your muscles will thank you later.

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